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Therefore in a stomach

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environment sour, better medicines-bases in intestines are up and.

The sour environment destroys some medicines, for example бензилпенициллин. Other substratum operating on всасывание of medicines, enzymes of

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gastroenteric path which are capable инактивировать a number albuminous and полипептидных substances кортикотропины, вазопрессин, insulin, etc.

are And also some hormones a progesterone, testosterone, альдостерон. Salts of bilious acids, in turn, can accelerate всасывание medicines or, on the contrary, to slow down it at formation of insoluble connections. Motility of a gastroenteric path - one of the factors limiting speed and completeness всасывания of medical products.

The quantity of food, its structure, time interval between meal and drug intake influence on всасывание medicines. So, всасывание тетрациклинов, ampicillin it is broken under the influence of milk, iron salts, at the high maintenance of carbohydrates, fibers and fat in food. The volume of the liquid accepted together with medicines, can cause either delay, or acceleration всасывания.

Liver The liver is the gland of external secretion allocating the secret in a duodenal gut. The name it has received from a word "furnace", as in a the high temperature in comparison with other bodies.

The liver represents the most complicated chemical laboratory in which there are the processes connected with formation of heat. The liver takes the most active part in digestion. Except digestive the liver carries out variety of other major functions which will be considered more low. Through it pass almost all substances, including medicinal which the same as also toxic products, are neutralised Digestive function of a liver This function can be divided on секреторную, or zhelche-branch холерез and экскреторную, or желчевыделение холекинез.

Желчеотделение occurs continuously and bile collects in a gall bladder, and желчевыделение - only during digestion through 3-12 mines after the food intake beginning. Thus bile at first is allocated from a gall bladder, and then from a liver in a duodenal gut. Therefore it is accepted to speak about hepatic and пузырной to bile. For days separates 500 - 1500 ml of bile. It is formed in hepatic cages - гепатоцитах which contact to blood capillaries. Plasma of blood by means of passive and active transport in гепатоцит leaves a number of substances water, glucose, креатинин, electrolits, etc.

In гепатоците are formed bilious acids and bilious pigments, then all substances from гепатоцита секретируют in bilious capillaries. Further bile arrives in bilious hepatic channels. The last run into the general bilious channel from which departs пузырный a channel. From the general bilious channel bile gets to a duodenal gut. Bile structure Hepatic bile has golden-yellow colour, пузырная - dark brown; рН hepatic bile - 7,3 - 8,0, relative density - xenical medication рН пузырной bile - 6,0 - 7,0 for the account всасывания hydrocarbonates, and relative density - 1,026-1,048.

Bile consists of 98 of water and 2 of the dry rest where organic

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enter salts of bilious acids, bilious pigments - bilirubin and биливердин, cholesterol, fat acids, lecithin, муцин, urea, uric acid, vitamins A, In, With; insignificant quantity of enzymes амилаза, фосфатаза, протеаза, каталаза, оксидаза, and also amino acids and glucocorticoids; inorganic substances NaToSa2FeСl- HCО3- SО4- НРО42.

В a gall bladder concentration of all these substances in 5-6 times more, than in hepatic bile. Cholesterol - 80 its is formed in a liver, 10 - in small intestines, the rest - in a skin.

For days it is synthesised nearby 1 г cholesterol. It takes part in formation мицелл and хиломикронов and only 30 are soaked up from intestines in blood.

If cholesterol deducing is broken at disease of a liver or a wrong diet arises гиперхолестеринемия which is shown or in the form of an atherosclerosis, or желчнокаменной illnesses. Bilious acids are synthesised from cholesterol. Co-operating with amino acids глицином and таурином, form salts гликохолевой 80 and таурохолевой acids 20. They xenical medication эмульгированию and to the best всасыванию in blood of fat and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, Е.

For the account гидрофильности and липофильности fat acids are capable to form мицеллы with fat acids and эмульгировать the last.