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At small deviations of temperature and long action of the temperature factor of certain size slow partial adaptation develops. big deviations of temperature of environment slow down adaptation development. Impulses from холодовых receptors arrive in a spinal cord on миелинизированным to fibres of type A-delta, and from thermal - on немиелинизированным to fibres of type of S.

Tam there are the second нейроны from which begins спиноталамический a path which is crossing in each segment of a spinal cord and coming to an end in вентробазальных kernels of a visual hillock. The part of the temperature information arrives in сенсомоторную a zone of a bark of the big hemispheres, and a part - in гипоталамические the thermoregulation centres. In a bark and лимбической to system the sensation of heat, a cold

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temperature comfort is formed.

The sensation of temperature comfort can be received, if in the conditions of high temperature of environment to place a body in cool water, for example at summer bathing. It is possible to receive paradoxical sensation of a cold if "silent" at temperature 40С холодовые receptors quickly to heat up to temperature above 45С.

The vistseralnyj analyzer Vistseralnaja sensitivity, or интероцепция, is responsible for perception of irritations of the internal environment of an organism and provides reflex regulation and coordination of work of an internal.

Receptors интероцептивного the analyzer on a functional purpose divide on механорецепторы, хеморецепторы, осморецепторы and thermoreceptors. To механорецепторам the receptors reacting to mechanical irritations - a stretching and deformation of walls of an a bladder, a stomach, heart, барорецепторы the blood vessels, taking part in regulation of level of a blood pressure concern.

is the all fabric receptors perceiving various chemical irritants; receptors аортальной and синокаротидной рефлексогенных the zones, responsible for changes of a chemical compound of blood washing them, mucous membranes of a digestive path and respiratory organs; receptors of serous oblong

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For осморецепторов adequate stimulus are changes of osmotic pressure of the internal environment and concentration of osmotically active substances in blood and an extracellular liquid.

Осморецепторы settle down in интерстициальной fabrics near to capillaries, it is a lot of them in гипоталамусе. So, insufficient consumption of food or water causes irritation of glucosic receptors or осморецепторов.

As a result there is a sensation of hunger or thirst. Thermoreceptors perceive changes of temperature of the internal environment of an organism and are localised basically in the top departments of a digestive path, respiratory organs, гипоталамусе. Интероцепторы are presented in an organism by the free nervous terminations and specialised инкапсулированными receptors, for example little bodies of Fatera-Pachini.

from receptors pass in the general trunks with of vegetative nervous system, in structure языкоглоточного, wandering, чревного and тазового nerves. The first нейроны are located in sensitive ганглиях, the second - in a back and oblong brain, the third - in заднемедиальном a kernel of a visual hillock.

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The korkovyj department висцерального the analyzer is in With, and С2 соматосенсорной and orbital areas of a bark of the big hemispheres. The propriotseptivnyj analyzer So-called the muscular feeling is formed at change of pressure of muscles, their covers, joints, sheaves, sinews. Distinguish three types проприоцепции feeling of a pose or sensation of position of extremities and orientation


their parts rather each other motion sense when проприоцепторы perceive both a direction, and speed of movement at changes of a corner of bending in a joint.

Thus the person realises kinds of movements in a joint; the feeling of force estimated by the person and necessary for raising of cargo or its moving in . Проприорецепторы are in muscles, sheaves, sinews, articulate bags, фасциях.

It первичночувствующие receptors muscular spindles, bodies of Goldzhi, Fatera-Pachini, the free nervous terminations. Muscular spindles is высокоспециализированные инкапсулированные the muscular fibres supplied афферетными and эфферентными with nervous fibres.

Into spindle structure enter интрафузальные muscular fibres. In the centre of each fibre the nuclear bag containing primary receptors or the helicoid terminations of sensitive nerves settles down. On either side of from a nuclear bag in миотрубке there are secondary receptors. On интрафузальном a muscular fibre come to an end эфферентные the nervous fibres concerning type of gamma fibres.

The last are аксонами the scale-motonejronov, located in a spinal cord. Excitation scale-motonejronov leads to reduction интрафузальных muscular fibres and to reduction of length of a muscular spindle. Reduction of a skeletal muscle is supported at the expense of activation proscar buy, and интрафузальное the muscular fibre constantly watches a condition экстрафузальных muscular fibres and all skeletal muscle even if it is reduced.

It allows to hold skeletal muscles in a condition of a constant tone and to keep a certain pose of a body. Little bodies of Goldzhi are in sinews and represent гроздевидные the sensitive terminations.

At muscular reduction they test action of a tension and supervise force of muscular reduction or pressure. The first нейроны проводникового department проприоцептивного the analyzer settle down in spinal ганглиях. Аксоны nervous cages as a part of Gaulles bunches gentle иБурдаха клиновидного through back columns reach corresponding kernels of an oblong brain where the second settle down нейроны. Further after a recross as a part of a medial loop reach the third нейронов, located in заднелатеральном and заднемедиальном kernels of a visual hillock, whence the information arrives in соматосенсорную area of a bark and area сильвиевой furrows With, - With, 2.

Thanks to the above described specific way muscle position is realised. Impulses from проприорецепторов go and on a nonspecific way. Going to таламусу, the information arrives in ретикулярную a formation, from it - to nonspecific kernels of a visual hillock, and then диффузно to all sites of a bark of the big hemispheres. Painful sensitivity It is possible to name a pain the sixth sense, except the cores of five sight, hearing,

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, sense of smell and touch thanks to which the organism receives the necessary information on world around.

The pain supplements each of five basic feelings, but at the same time remains independent and independent of them. Its main feature consists that she informs on external and internal damages though is unpleasant, burdensome, painful feeling. The pain, - on expression of ancient Greeks, is a sentry dog of health, the constant ally and the assistant to the doctor. The pain learns the person of care and signals about illness. According to C. Sherringtona, the pain in a root is expedient but until she warns about infringement of integrity of an organism.

As soon as the information is considered, and the pain turns to suffering, it is necessary for switching off. According to the formulation of the International committee of experts the pain is the unpleasant touch and emotional experience connected with true or potential damage of a fabric. By P.