soma vs robaxin

soma vs robaxin

After code conversion in spending ways and the subcrustal centres here there is an analysis of the arrived touch information by selection and allocation biologically significant for an organism, and also interaction of various analyzers. In department decoding of a signal or reading of a touch input is carried out, as a result there is a formation of centrifugal regulating influences on the structures which are responsible for response.

So, at the expense of existence of communications of touch kernels with impellent and associative departments of a brain nervous impulses touch cause

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impellent system or excitation process, or braking.

As a result occurs or movement - action, or the movement termination - inactivity. Interaction of analyzers is provided with all levels of the central nervous system, since a spinal cord, formations and coming to an end

On level this communication is realised at the expense of associative and motor zones of a bark of the big hemispheres. Piramidnye cages of the last collect the acoustical, visual and tactile information. It lies, for example, at the heart of training deaf or blind to reading on visual,

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tactile, to sensations.

Private physiology of analyzers The visual analyzer The visual analyzer is a set of the structures providing perception of energy of electromagnetic radiations with length of a wave from 400 to 700 ммк. It is major of all analyzers thanks to whom the person receives from 80 to 90 of all information on world around. The eye is a peripheral part of the visual analyzer. It consists of an eyeball which walls form three covers. External represents a fibrous cover. Its forward transparent part is called as a cornea having a spherical surface.

Its other part - склера is an external skeleton of the eye, providing to it the certain form. Through epitely corneas are well soaked up ions NaToCI strong and allocate it

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in a plaintive liquid and a watery moisture of the forward chamber of an eye, supporting necessary pressure. The cornea possesses big , therefore it is good проницаема for the medical products entered in a bag.

Average, or vascular, a cover is intended for an eye food. Basically it consists of blood vessels and has three parts actually vascular cover chorioidea, ciliary, or цилиарное, a body ciliare and an iris of the eye iris. Склера it is connected with цилиарным a body with the help цилиарной, or ciliary, muscles which name still аккомодационной as she participates in eye accommodation.

This muscle иннервируется parasympathetic глазодвигательным a nerve. цилиарного bodies are attached to shoots of a fibre цинновой sheaves which suspend a crystalline lens in an eye.

A tsiliarnoe body with blood vessels are the structures producing an intraocular liquid. contains the pigmentary cages defining colour of an eye and an aperture - a pupil pupilla, playing a role of a diaphragm for rays of light getting into an eye. In радужке there are two muscles кольцевидный сфинктер, a narrowing pupil muse, sphincter pupillae and an expanding pupil muse, dilatator

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, the first of them иннервируется глазодвигательным a nerve, the second - sympathetic.

Muscles радужки regulate diameter of a pupil зрачковый a reflex depending on light exposure. So, at very bright light diameter of a pupil minimum 1,8 mm, at average light exposure - 2,4 mm, and in the dark - maximum 7,5 mm. The third, internal cover of an eyeball is presented by a retina retina, consisting of 10 layers высокодифференцированных nervous elements, where sticks 110 125 million and колбочки 6 - 7 million - retina photoreceptors enter.

In the central pole contain only колбочки is an area of the best perception of light here again the greatest visual acuity. A place of an exit of an optic nerve - a blind stain, it does not contain photoreceptors and consequently is tolerant to light. Sticks are responsible for twilight sight, in them the visual pigment - родопсин visual purple which spectrum of absorption is in area of 500 nanometers .

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In колбочках, perceiving dark blue, green red colours, contain three types of visual pigments, maxima of which spectra of absorption are in dark blue 420 nanometers, green 531 nanometers and red 558 nanometers spectrum parts.

Except йодопсина, responsible for beams of a yellow part of a spectrum, in колбочках there are such photosensitive pigments, as хлоролаб, absorbing the beams corresponding to a green part of a spectrum, and эритролаб - a red part of a spectrum, предпологается existence and other pigments.

Кнутри from a layer of sticks and колбочек there is a layer of bipolar nervous cages which the layer ганглиозных cages adjoins. The eyeball cavity contains a watery moisture, a crystalline lens with its suspending device and стекловидным a body. The space limited to a back

soma vs robaxin

of a cornea, a forward soma vs robaxin радужки and a crystalline lens, is called as the forward chamber of an eye, заполненой a transparent watery moisture.

The corner of the forward chamber plays an important role in processes of circulation of an intraocular liquid and represents itself as "filter" through which the chamber liquid leaves an eye. The space limited to a back surface радужки, a peripheral part of a crystalline lens and an internal surface of a ciliary body, is called as the back chamber of an eye also filled with a watery moisture.

chamber moisture is the power supply of the fabrics which are not containing vessels a cornea, a crystalline lens and стекловидное a body.

The intraocular pressure equal of 20 mm hg its Increase depends on quantity of a watery moisture can lead to blood circulation infringement in an eyeball. The watery moisture is an ultrafiltrate безбелковой the plasma passing through эндотелиальную a wall of capillaries of a ciliary body.

Its formation depends from кровенаполнениясосудов eyes. The watery moisture flows through a pupil in the forward chamber of an eye and in its forward corner filtering zone, and then through a venous sine склеры arrives in forward ciliary veins. At difficulty of outflow of a moisture intraocular pressure glaucoma raises. For decrease in intraocular pressure in конъюктивальный a bag dig in M-holinomimetiki пилокарпин which cause pupil narrowing, expansion of space of a corner of the forward chamber raduzhno-corneal and strengthening of outflow of a moisture through a venous sine склеры.

Therefore at suspicion on a glaucoma it

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is necessary to avoid the preparations expanding a pupil, for example, M-holinolitika - atropine. The crystalline lens lens represents transparent эластическое a body in the form of the convexo-convex lentil, suspended by means of the copular device - цинновой sheaves.

Feature of a crystalline lens consists in its ability at easing of a tension of fibres цинновой sheaves to change the form, to become more convex at the expense of what the accommodation certificate is carried out.

The steklovidnoe body represents transparent gel, with-standing from an extracellular liquid with collagen and гиалуроновой acid in коллоидном a solution and not containing neither nerves, nor blood vessels. The eye cannot is equally

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to see subjects, отстоящие from it on different distance and to adapt an eye for clear vision разноудаленных subjects, accommodation process is necessary.

If the person looks afar, цинновы sheaves are tense, and цилиарные muscles are weakened, thus the crystalline lens уплощен is a rest of accommodation. At examining of subjects close located from eyes цилиарные muscles are reduced, цинновы sheaves are weakened, the crystalline lens soma vs robaxin more convex is a pressure of accommodation. Tsiliarnye muscles иннервируются parasympathetic fibres глазодвигательного a nerve. Introduction in eye M-holinolitika - atropine blocks excitation transfer to цилиарной to a muscle and breaks accommodation at examining of close located subjects.

And on the contrary, introduction M-holinomimetikov - пилокарпина and эзерина promotes reduction цилиарной muscles and to accommodation process. Optical system of an eye The optical device of an eye consists of

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transparent cornea, the forward and back chambers filled with a watery moisture, an iris of the eye surrounding a pupil, хрусталикас a transparent bag and стекловидного bodies.

As a whole is the of the lenses forming on a retina the turned and reduced image of considered subjects.