valtrex and pregnancy side effects

All antiviral drugs have side effects, and Valtrex is not an exception. But they are seldom serious. This happens mostly when Valtrex is used protractedly at high doses. Valtrex Pharmacological action

Valtrex suppresses life activity of sensitive to this drug viruses by embedding into their genetic system (DNA) and inhibiting its synthesis thereby. By-turn the enzymes susceptible to the virus are secreted in the human’s body and activate the main active ingredient of Valtrex (valacyclovir).

Valtrex is active against virus Herpes (type 1 and 2), Varicella zoster, Herpes Virus (type 6 and 4), Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus and virus of Herpes that causes chickenpox affection and for the curing and prevention.

Valtrex generally is well tolerated without causing any side effects. However, these effects sometimes occur, so patient must be careful taking this medicine.

All side effects pronounced in overdose.

Valtrex generic dosage

Herpes zoster treatment

For the curing of Herpes zoster the recommended dosage for adult people is 1 g three times per day. Take it for 1 week.

Herpes simplex treatment

For the treatment of affection produced by the Herpes simplex virus, adult is recommended to take dose at 5 hundred mg twice a day.

In the case of relapse healing should be lasted for 3 or 5 days. In more severe cases the primary medical care should be started immediately and last 5-10 days. In recurrent illness an optimal prescription of Valtrex in the prodromal period or immediately after onset of symptoms is considered by the doctor.

For the prevention and suppression of recurrences of the infections:

- adults with normal immune indicators are prescribed the dosage of 500 mg one time per day;

- Adults with immunodeficiency are recommended to appoint 5 hundred mg twice a day.

Duration of the medical maintenance is 4-12 mnths.

Valtrex treatment for Cold Sores (Herpes labialis)

For the healing of Herpes labialis (Cold Sores) the effective assignment of Valtrex is dose of 2 g two times per day. You should remember the time of taking the 1st dose, because the 2nd one you should take only after 12 hours (at least not less than after 6 h). Therapy must be started immediately as you feel symptoms of lip fever (e. g., burning, itching, tingling).

Keeping this dosing regimen the duration of curing should not be longer than 1 day, because there are no additional clinical benefits for longer treatment.

Genital Herpes

The required Valtex dosage for initial episode treatment lasts 10 days; dose is 1 g twice daily.

To avert infection with genital herpes of healthy partner in heterosexual adult patients with preserved immunity and the number of exacerbations up to 9 per year, Valtrex should be prescribed in dosage of 500 mg throughout the year onece a day.

Valtrex side effects

Use in pediatric patients

Sixty-five people at the age of 12 to 18 took valacyclovir tablet form orally for 1-2 days in order to treat herpes. Frequency, intensity and nature of undesirable side reactions were similar to those in the elder persons. There is no major experience of clinical application of Valtrex in small children.

Valtrex and pregnancy side effects

There are not much information about using of Valtrex (valaciclovir) in pregnant women. It is appointed to use Valtrex only in cases where the potential benefits to the expectant outweigh the possible risk to the embryo.

The registered details on the pregnant women who took Valtrex didn’t show any increase in sum of birth defects of their children in comparison with the general situation. But because of the research didn’t include enough quantity of women taking valacyclovir during pregnancy, the authentic and definite conclusions on the security of valaciclovir in gestation can’t be done.

When the mother orally receives valaciclovir (Valtrex) during the breast-feeding in dose = 5 hundred mg two times per day her child subjected to a similar treatment of acyclovir at a dose of about 0.61 mg per kg per day. Valtrex in unchanged form was not detected in maternal plasma, breast milk or in the descendant’s urine.

So, if you are moms-to-be or nursing (breastfeeding) mother, you should pay attention to this info and take Valtrex with care.

In the experimental studies valacyclovir didn’t have a teratogenic impact on rats and rabbits.

Valtrex Side effects of the central nervous system

The most repeated effect is a headache. If you continue receiving Valtrex you could feel dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, various intelligence and memory disorders.

Some patients could feel some motor and mental stimulation in conjunction with trembling hands, ataxia, difficulty in pronouncing certain words and syllables (dysarthria) and severe disorders of the brain in the complicated cases. This threatening condition can result coma and death.

Other side effects

When receiving Valtrex patients often notice nausea, sometimes vomiting, diarrhea and general discomfort in the abdomen.

Sometimes during the prolonged treatment Valtrex patients develop changes on the part of hematopoiesis. Very rarely ii can be developed hemolytic anemia.

Very rarely kidney function may be temporarily disrupted or even the renal colic is appeared.

Sometimes patients can notice various types of rashes, itching, increased sensitivity to light and different allergic reactions like the urticaria and even angioedema.