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On an irritant of weak, average or big force there is accordingly a weak, average or strong reaction. At a neurosis the levelling phase condition is shown by identical reactions on expressiveness on irritants of different force, paradoxical - development of strong reaction to weak influence and weak reactions to strong influences, ультрапарадоксальпое - occurrence of reaction to a brake prearranged signal and loss of reaction to a positive prearranged signal.

At neurosises inertness of nervous processes or their fast истощаемость develops. Functional neurosises can lead to pathological changes in various bodies. So, for example, there are defeats of a skin of type экземы, a hair fall, infringement of activity of a digestive path, a liver, kidneys, эндокринных glands идаже occurrence of

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new growths. Diseases which were to a neurosis become aggravated. The first and second alarm systems Types ВНД about which it was told above, are the general for animals and the person.

It is possible to allocate special, typological lines inherent only in the person. According to I. Pavlova, in their basis degree of development of the first and second alarm systems lies.

The first alarm system are visual, acoustical and other sensual signals of which images of an external world are under construction.

The perception of direct signals of subjects and the phenomena of world around and signals from the internal environment of the organism, coming from visual, acoustical, tactile and other receptors, makes the first alarm system which is available for animals and the weight gain clomid. Separate elements of more difficult alarm system start to appear at public kinds animal высокоорганизованных mammals and birds which use sounds сигнальныекоды for the danger warning, that the given territory is occupied and etc.

But only at the person in the course of labour activity and social life the second alarm system - verbal in which the word as a conditional irritant, a sign which does not have the real physical maintenance, but being a symbol of subjects and the material world phenomena, becomes strong stimulus develops. This system of the alarm system consists in perception of words - heard, said aloud илипро itself and visible at reading and letter.

The Same phenomenon, a subject in different languages is designated by the words having different sounding and a writing, from these verbal verbal signals abstract concepts are created.

Ability to understand, and then and to say words arises at the child as a result of association of certain sounds words with visual, tactile and other impressions about external objects. The subjective image arises in a brain on the basis of neural mechanisms at decoding of the information and its comparison real-life material objects.

With occurrence and development of the second alarm system there is a possibility of realisation of the abstract form of reflexion - formation of concepts and representations.

Irritants of the second alarm system reflect surrounding validity by means of the generalising, abstracting concepts put into words. The person can ope-rirovat not only images, but also the thoughts connected with them, the intelligent images containing the semantic semantic information. By means of a word transition from a image of the first alarm system to concept, representation of the second alarm system is carried out.

Ability to operate with the abstract concepts put into words forms a basis of cogitative activity. Language is means of expression of thought and the form of existence of thought. Language fixes results of work of thinking in offers, does possible an exchange of thoughts. Speech gives the chance to create scientific concepts, to formulate laws.

Speech can participate in regulation of activity of various bodies by means of a word. Verbal irritants are physiologically active factors, they change function of an internal, intensity of exchange processes, influence on muscular and touch systems.

In time the told kind word can raise working capacity, promote good mood. Word carelessly said in the presence of patient can worsen its condition considerably. Physiological bases of speech. For decoding of the speech perceived in the acoustic form, the major condition is deduction in speech memory of all its elements, and in the optical form - participation of difficult search movements of eyes.

Processes of decoding of speech are carried out by visochno-temenno-occipital departments of the left hemisphere at right-handed

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At defeat of these departments of a bark there is an infringement of understanding of logical-grammatical designs and счетных operations. The second alarm system supposes ambiguous relations between the phenomenon, a subject and its designation word, ч that has allowed the person to operate reasonably in the conditions of likelihood событийного environments information uncertainty. It in many respects promoted development of abilities to intuitive thinking.

There was essentially new form of cogitative activity - construction conclusions of a pas to a basis of use of multiple-valued likelihood logic. Constant use of language has led to that the human brain, as a rule, operates with inexact concepts, quality standards it is easier, than quantitative categories, numbers. Considering parities of the first and the second alarm systems in this or that individual, I. Pavlov has allocated specific human types ВНД depending on prevalence of the first or second alarm system in perception of the validity.

People with prevalence of functions корковых the projections responsible for первосигнальные irritants, I. Pavlov carried to art type at representatives of this type the figurative type of thinking prevails. They are people for whom brightness of visual and acoustical perceptions of events of world around artists and musicians is characteristic.

If the second alarm system such people carry to cogitative type appears stronger. At representatives of this type the logic type of thinking, ability to construction of abstract concepts scientists, philosophers prevails. When the first and second alarm systems create nervous processes of identical force such people concern an average the mixed type which the majority of people concerns.

But there is one more extremely rare typological variant which very rare people having especially strong development both first, and second alarm systems concern. These people are capable both to art, and to scientific creativity, I. Pavlov to number of such ingenious persons Leonardo da Vinci.

The higher mental functions The mentality is the specific property of a brain consisting in reflexion of subjects and the phenomena existing out of us and irrespective of us of

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material world.

Sensations and perceptions are the necessary initial stage of our knowledge of and about an external world. The sensation is a process of reflexion in ЦНС separate properties of subjects and the phenomena of the objective reality directly influencing sense organs.

Any sensation has quality, force, duration. Qualitative features of those or other sensations are called as their modality.